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When you need to present a highly technical concept in a clear and concise way, I'm the right person to contact. I provide a liaison between your engineering staff and the rest of the world, translating their techno-speak into fluent, benefits-oriented English. Whether you need assistance with marketing and sales collateral, highly technical white papers, customer case studies, articles, presentations or annual reports, I'm your wordsmith. I can take the driest and most complicated ideas and spin them into text that's lively, highly informative and technically accurate. The result for you is increased sales and customer satisfaction. I have a broad background in technical, business and overseas markets, allowing me to learn new things very quickly. You'll find my work creative, persuasive and fast.

When you want to learn about the world around you, I'm an excellent source. Travel articles, on-line travel guides and tips for making any journey easier stem from my passion for world travel.

Want to know about wine and food? I've led wine tastings, am a gourmet cook and can talk about the vagaries of these topics in straightforward, unmysterious ways.

I'm Julie Bou and I'm the principal communicator at Bear In Mind Communications. Contact me today.

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